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1. Current Issues in Marketing

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire, we really appreciate you taking the time out to help us.
1. What do you think makes a GREAT television ad?
SoundToneColourTimingOther important elements
Pick the most important factors
2. Tell us a bit about you?
Just a few details
On the 31st August 2007 Cadbury launched a new television advertising campaign promoting Dairy Milk chocolate,
the advert features a gorilla, playing the drums to the Phil Collins song 'In the Air Tonight'.
This campaign had a direct impact on Dairy Milk sales, achieved 'best ad of 2007' and became a 'superviral' success.
Our final year, University project is: an investigation into the secrets behind the success of CDM’s advertising strategy.
The results from this research will help us so much, thank you, and if interested in outcome please email:
Image as described above
3. Where have you seen the Dairy Milk advertising?
4. What did you like about the advertising?
5. What did you dislike about the advertising?
The picture below is from the latest Cadbury advert called 'trucks', this is available to watch on Youtube
Image as described above
6. Thoughts on the latest Cadbury Dairy Milk advert...
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