Campus Kids Day Registration

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1. Coach’s Name:
2. Institution:
3. Division:
4. Men’s or Women’s:
5. USTA Section:
6. Business Address:
7. Office Phone Number:
8. Cell number:
9. E-Mail:
Date selection-- Please list 3 possible dates that you could host a Campus Kids’ Day:
10. 1st Choice:
11. 2nd Choice:
12. 3rd Choice:
Campus Kids Day guidelines and suggestions are posted on both the USTA and ITA websites. All questions regarding these events should be directed to Troy Venechanos, Coordinator, Collegiate Tennis.

Note: After your Campus Kids Day, fax or e-mail head count and receipts to Troy Venechanos (information below). The $100 stipend will be requested upon receipt.

Troy Venechanos
office: (914) 872-5645
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