Campus Kids Day Registration

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1. Coach’s Name:
2. Institution:
3. Division:
4. Men’s or Women’s:
5. USTA Section:
6. Business Address:
7. Office Phone Number:
8. Cell number:
9. E-Mail:
Date selection-- Please list 3 possible dates that you could host a Campus Kids’ Day:
10. 1st Choice:
11. 2nd Choice:
12. 3rd Choice:
Campus Kids Day guidelines and suggestions are posted on both the USTA and ITA websites. All questions regarding these events should be directed to Elissa Kinard, Coordinator, Junior and Collegiate Competition.

Note: After your Campus Kids Day, fax or e-mail head count and receipts to Elissa Kinard (information below). The $100 stipend will be requested upon receipt.

Elissa Kinard
office: (561) 962-6430
fax: (561) 962-6485
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