Podcast Evaluation 5

1. UIE Podcast Evaluation

Welcome! Thanks for offering your input on UIE's Podcasts. We are always looking to improve all of our offerings. If you are interested in winning the raffle, please complete the following survey, and be sure to enter your name and email address, so that we can contact you in the event you are the winner. If you're not interested in the raffle and would rather leave your comments anonymously, we welcome your input as well!

If you've taken the survey before for another podcast, you may skip any questions where the answers wouldn't differ from previous answers (for example, if you're still listening to podcasts three hours a week, like you answered last time, feel free to skip that question). For the weekly drawing eligibility, you are allowed to fill out one survey per podcast.
1. Which UIE podcast have you most recently listened to?
2. Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with these statements:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeNot Applicable
The podcast met my expectations:
I enjoyed the UIE podcast I last listened to:
UIE podcasts are valuable to me:
I would recommend UIE podcasts to my friends and colleagues:
The audio was clear and easy to hear:
It was easy to find the podcasts on the UIE website:
I would recommend UIE podcasts to colleagues:
3. When do you listen to UIE podcasts? Select any that apply.
4. Where did you listen to this podcast?
5. With what device did you listen to this podcast?
6. How did you hear the audio of the podcast?
7. How did you listen to the podcast?
8. Did you listen to the entire podcast?
9. Please list two (2) things you think we did well in the last podcast you listened to.
10. Please list two (2) things you think we could have improved upon in the last podcast you listened to.
11. What was the most important thing you learned in this podcast?
12. After you listened to this podcast, what was your biggest unanswered question?
13. Do you subscribe to the podcast feed?
14. Do you regularly listen to our podcasts?
15. What other podcasts do you listen to?
16. How long are the podcasts that you listen to?
17. On average, approximately how much time do you spend listening to podcasts per week?
18. Open Forum: Are there any other thoughts or comments you may have about the any UIE podcasts you've listened to?
19. What is your name?
20. What is your email address? This is necessary to notify the winner of the raffle, and we promise to keep it private otherwise.
Our feedback raffle prize: A free admission to our next virtual seminar program, and lifetime access to the archive of the live program, once it becomes available. This is a $169.00 value, and can be viewed by your whole office!

If you'd like to be eligible for this prize, please leave your name and email address in the above fields. Thanks!
Thanks so much for filling out our survey! We look forward to improving our podcasts with your feedback. We'll notify the winner of the raffle shortly. Please press "Done" to submit the survey.
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