Grants Project Director/Management Evaluation

As an experienced colleague who's worked with the Grants Office, you have important insights about the grants management process. Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey to help us evaluate and improve our services. Thank you. We appreciate your feedback!
1. Please rate our effectiveness in assisting you with the following grant post award services
ExcellentVery GoodGoodAdequatePoorN/A
Activate, develop and manage the grant budget
Establishing relationships/Cultivating funding agencies
Obtaining administrative approval
Providing overview of grant objectives and framework
Publicize/Cultivate funding agencies
Reviewing/monitoring budget reports and spend down
2. How useful are the following sections of the Grants Website?
Very UsefulUsefulSomewhat UsefulNot UsefulN/A
Conduct initial grant management conference
Prepare interim & finalize program and fiscal reports
Grant-related forms
Activate and manage grant budget
Implement/attain objectives & contract agreement
Guidelines for project management
Track matching funds and in-kind contributions
3. How useful are the following sections of the "Guidelines for Grant Project Directors"?
Very UsefulUsefulSomewhat UsefulNot UsefulN/A
Grants Authority and Responsibilities
Keep current with Project Reports
Complete project on time/in budget, closeout & prep for audit
4. What Grants Office services have you found most helpful?
5. How can we improve our services?
6. OPTIONAL: Please provide your name here.
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