reader survey

1. Introduction

1. Thank you for taking this readers survey for Please feel free not to leave your email address, but if you do it will allow me to contact you from time to time with future announcements.
2. What is your age group?
3. What gender are you?
4. How would you describe your roll within the church? Please pick answer which best describes you.
5. What type of church do you attend? Please choose the best match answer
6. How did you first hear about
7. What do you think about the following aspects of (Please be honest!)
A TerribleB Not Bad / OKC GoodD Fantastic
Conference "live blogging"
Posts about doctrine
Posts about leadership
Personal Posts (eg about family or travel)
Book Reviews
News/culture posts
The Site Design / look
Ease of finding my way around
8. What other sources of Christian Information do you use? Tick all that apply.
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