Community Diversion Program (Court Survey)

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1. Do you feel that the implementation of the CDP program has empowered the participating municipalities throughout Cuyahoga County?
2. In your opinion, did the existence of the CDP program prevent the municipalities of Cuyahoga County from handling cases “under the table?”
3. Was the jurist/Court administration in agreement with the way that the CDP cases were dispositioned?
4. What do you feel are the strengths of CDP? (Please check all that apply)
5. Please describe the challenges that CDP currently faces.
(Please check all that apply)

6. Please describe the opportunities, if any, for improving CDP.
(Please check all that apply)
7. What additional resources do you feel that the communities of Cuyahoga County need in order to increase the effectiveness of CDP?
(Please check all that apply)

8. Do you feel that providing CDP as an alternative to official court processing has positively affected the lives of the juvenile offenders within the communities of Cuyahoga County? If so, how? (Please check all that apply)
9. Do you feel that expanding CDP into communities beyond those that are already implementing the program would improve the overall effectiveness of the countywide diversion program?
10. Do you feel that expanding CDP to include additional program services would increase the value that it provides to Cuyahoga County and the participating communities?
11. Do you feel that the program services CDP helps communities to identify underlying behavioral or environmental issues that the official court process does not?
12. What is the primary impact of CDP within the communities of Cuyahoga County? (Please check all that apply)
13. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest level), please describe your level of satisfaction with the Community Diversion Program (CDP).
Satisfaction Level
14. What would you estimate is the approximate cost savings of one (1) round of CDP intervention compared to the cost of officially processing one (1) case through an official court hearing?
15. If you know, what is the approximate number of youth who have completed CDP who have committed subsequent additional offenses within a one (1) year period that resulted in an official court case being filed?
16. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest level), please describe your level of satisfaction with the ways in which CDP cases that ultimately failed were handled when officially processed by the Court?
Satisfaction Level
17. Do you feel that CDP provides a cost-effective return on investment to the Court?
18. Please provide some suggestions, if any, on how to further reduce recidivism rates in the community. (Please check all that apply)
19. Is there anything additional information that you would like to provide that you feel would further assist in the evaluation of CDP? If so, please provide your final suggestions in the space provided.
20. Contact information is optional but necessary if you desire to be entered into raffle for $100. Your contact information will NOT be connected with responses beyond review of the evaluator and will not be shared with project sponsors or the public.
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