Chance to win a FREE 2 night stay incl breakfast at The Roosevelt Hotel NYC, complete mad46 survey

1. Please tell us a little about yourself

1. Please provide your info to be entered for a chance to win a FREE 2 night stay at The Roosevelt Hotel including breakfast for 2
2. Where do you currently reside?
3. How close is your office located in relation to mad46 (46th between Madison and Vanderbilt)?
4. What is your age?
5. Are you male or female?
6. How did you hear about mad46?
7. Did you visit mad46 this year (2009)?
8. Did you visit mad46 last year (2008)?
9. Did you have any difficulty finding mad46, was it easy or hard to find?
10. What social networking sites do you follow mad46 on?
11. What would you like to see more of on mad46's social networks?
12. If you visited this year, please indicate your level of satisfaction with your experience.
13. How many times did you visit mad46 this year?
14. Did you visit as a bar patron or as a guest at a private function?
15. What other New York City rooftop lounges have you visited?
16. What did you like most about mad46?
17. How would you rate your arrival experience at mad46?
18. What is your favorite drink at mad46?
19. How would you rate the following at mad46?
Drink pricing
Drink quality
Food pricing
Food quality
20. Was the staff of mad46 friendly and knowledgeable?
21. Are there any improvements would you suggest for mad46?
22. Are you planning on returning to mad46 next year?
23. Now that you know mad46 is located atop of The Roosevelt Hotel will you consider using other services the hotel offers?
24. What type of promotional events would you like us to do in the future?
25. If The Roosevelt Hotel were to open a street level bar, would you visit?
26. Please leave us any comments or suggestions you have for mad46
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