Bike Survey

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1. Please Select:
2. What is your age?
3. Are you familiar with portable electronic chargers?
4. How interested are you in purchasing any type of portable electronic charger?
Not InterestedSlightly InterestedModerately InterestedMostly InterestedVery Interested
Interest Level
5. How many times a week do you ride a bicycle?
6. Please rate the level of each factor's importance in determining why you ride your bicycle.
not importantslightly importantmoderately importantmostly importantvery important
It's a good workout
It's good for the environment
It's cheaper than driving
It's the most convenient commute
7. How many times do you ride your bicycle to...
daily2+ a week1 a week2-3 a month1 a month3-6 a year1 a yearnever
commute to work
leisurely relax
competitively race
sightsee on vacation
as a hobby
to get/keep in shape
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