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1. Upcoming campaign


Thanks for your participation in this Greenpeace survey. Your valuable feedback will help us prepare for our next big campaign to save the climate with the help of some very familiar IT brands -- starting really soon!

Eoin, Prajna and the Cool IT Challenge team
1. Have you ever read or heard about greenhouse gas emissions from the IT industry? (e.g. energy use of data centres)
2. Have you ever read or heard about climate solutions proposed by the IT industry? (e.g. IBM's Smarter Planet)
3. Do you work for any of the biggest IT firms such as Google, IBM or Microsoft, or know somebody there (a friend, family perhaps) who is involved in green issues?
4. "Companies offering climate solutions for a low-carbon economy need to use their influence to defend strong climate legislation. It's too important to leave to the energy industry lobbyists." Do you agree?
5. Your country of residence:
6. Do you publish a blog or website, where you could promote our upcoming climate IT campaign? If yes, please let us know the web address.
7. Comments (suggestions for this survey, for this campaign,...)
8. And finally, how long would you go without using a computer for an international demonstration?
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