Mobblog. One Year.

1. Mobblog Feedback

1. Are you from UCL?
2. Do you read mobblog?
3. Are there any other blogs that you read or subscribe to? (Which ones?)
4. What sort of blog posts do you find interesting?
InterestingNot Interesting
Research Papers
5. How would you rate mobblog for the following aspects:
The name
The look/theme of the blog
The amount of content that is posted
The content is interesting
The content is relevant to my work
6. Have you ever posted to the blog?
7. (To respondents who have never posted) Why have you never posted to the blog?
8. Do you think the the blog should be extended from the MobiSys group to the whole Nets-SSE research group?
9. Is there anything else we could do to improve the blog?
10. Do you have any other comments about the blog?
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