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1. Please check the public transportation systems you currently use.
2. What type of disability do you have? (Check all that apply)
3. Do you use a wheelchair?
4. How satisfied are you with your current transportation systems availability, cost and treatment of you by staff?
Not SatisfiedModerately SatisfiedFully Satisfied
Treatment by staff
5. How many activities/appointments per week are you unable to attend due to limited transportation?
6. What causes you to miss activities/appointments?
7. Is physical assistance adequate to meet your needs?
8. Does the Para-transit application process inhibit you from using their services?
9. Would you be interested in a comprehensive brochure of all the public transportation systems in Columbia if it were available?
10. If you would like to contact us, we are occupational therapy students at MU. Here are our email addresses:


If you would like to be contacted about this project please provide your information:
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