Event / Presentation Survey

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1. What Age Group Do You Belong To?
Under 88 - 1819 - 2324 - 3940 - 5960 plus
Age Group
2. If you were directed here after attending an Extension program or viewing a presentation on-line, please complete the following:
3. How did you hear about this event / presentation?
4. Did you learn anything from this event / presentation?
5. If the above answer was Yes, do you feel you increased your knowledge by: (check one)
6. Do you plan to use any of the information you have learned at this event / presentation in the future?
7. Would you answer a very short follow up survey in the future regarding the changes you may have made as a result of this event / presentation?
8. Please rate this presentation / event.
Choose One:
9. Please list anything you would change about this event / presentation.
10. Please list your email address if you would like to recieve monthly emails on upcoming events and presentations.
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