Relational Aggression Survey 2 - How safe is cyberspace?

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When you're online, you usually know show you're "talking" to. But sometimes you don't, and how you interact in those instances really matters - particularly for your safety. Test your cyber-safety savvy.

1. What is your age?
2. What is your grade level?
3. What makes a website reliable?
4. If someone sends you their picture online, then you can feel safe talking with them, since you know what they look like?
5. You are being followed from chat room to chat room by a person you met online. They are sending you IM's that make you uncomfortable. What should you do?
6. What's the best rule to follow for choosing your online name?
7. It is safe to post a personal profile about yourself on MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, or other online communities, because your profile can only be seen by your friends.
8. You should never meet someone you've met online in a private place or at home alone.
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