IKEA Survey Questionnaire

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1. 1. How do you know about IKEA?
2. 2. How often have you visited IKEA in the year 2007?

3. 3. Do you think there are sufficient IKEA outlets in Singapore?
4. 4. Do you think the current IKEA outlets are easily accessible?
5. 4. Would you rather shop for your home furnishings and home decorations at neighbourhood shops or would you prefer to travel all the way to IKEA to shop for them?
6. 5. Do you think there should be mini IKEA outlets?
7. 7. How are you usually aware of IKEA’s promotion? If no, please skip this question.
8. 8. Do you think there should be more sales promotions for IKEA?
9. 9. How often have you visited online shopping websites to get home decorations/furniture/others over the past year?
10. 10. If there were to be IKEA shop online, would you access it for shopping often?
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