Fedora Day at OR08—Please share your impressions

1. Fedora Commons Quick Poll Number 1

1. "Fedora Day" at the Third International Open Repositories Conference in Southampton, UK was the:
2. Please rate session topics and presentations:
Case studiesPreservation and managementArchitectureProgrammingFront endsSemantic technologies
Extremely useful
Not useful
3. In the future I would like to attend (check all that apply)
North AmericaEuropeAsia Pacific
A multi-day, international "Focus on Fedora" conference.
A one-day, local user group meeting.
A multi-day, local, hands-on "Using Fedora" workshop.
An one-day, local, informational "Fedora Solutions" workshop.
4. In the future I would take the time to attend
5. Please provide an overall rating for “Fedora Day” at OR08
ExcellentVery goodAcceptableNot acceptable
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