MPA News Reader Poll: MPAs and Ecosystem-Based Management

With the trend toward applying an "ecosystem approach" in marine resource management, what role should MPAs play in this?

MPA News would like your opinion. Below, please take our quick poll on MPAs and ecosystem-based management (EBM). If you supply your name and e-mail address at the end, you will be entered in a random drawing to win an official MPA News canvas tote bag.
1a. Can an MPA be successful if there is no ecosystem-based management of adjacent water and land outside the MPA?
1b. Briefly explain the reasoning behind your answer to 1a:
2a. Can ecosystem-based management be successful if MPAs are not used as a component in that management system?
2b. Briefly explain the reasoning behind your answer to 2a:
3. If you can, please give examples of places where you think ecosystem-based management is being implemented effectively.
4. What would help ecosystem-based management to become more widely practiced? (please check all that apply)
5a. If there were a free newsletter on the subject of marine ecosystem-based management and created by the team that produces MPA News, how likely is it that you would subscribe to it?
5b. If you answered "Very likely" or "Somewhat likely" to 6a, please check the following statement with which you most agree:
If you would like to enter the free drawing for a chance to receive an official MPA News canvas tote bag, please give us your name and e-mail address below.
Thank you very much. When you are finished, please click the "Done" link below to submit your answers.
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