Business Lawsuit Abuse Questionnaire

1. Your Lawsuit Abuse Experience

1. Please describe the lawsuit abuse situation your company experienced: (up to 250 words)
2. In what year did this situation or incident start?
3. In what year did this situation or incident end?
4. Please identify the impacts this incident has had on this company. Please check as many boxes below as apply to the situation.
5. Approximately what are the annual sales of the company?
6. Has this company decided NOT to operate or locate in any particular states because of bad liability laws and lawsuit abuse problems? If so, please explain.
7. What is the name of the plaintiff's law firm that handled the lawsuit against the company?
8. If possible, please tell us the name of the lead attorney or partner from the law firm that sued the company.
9. In what CITY and STATE is this law firm located?
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