Mission of the American Clock & Watch Museum

1. Mission

The American Clock & Watch Museum is a non-profit educational and research institution established to promote a general public interest in and an appreciation of handmade and production clocks & watches produced in the United States.
1. Is this mission statement appropriate for our organization?
2. If not, how would you modify this Mission Statment?
3. Is the organiztion fulfilling this mission?
4. Do the museum's programs support this mission?
5. Do the museum's collections support this mission?
6. How could the museum's programs or collections be modified to better support the mission?
7. Where should the museum focus its efforts to obtain the necessary funds to carry out this mission? Please rate these choices with 1 being the highest priority and 7 the lowest priority.
Bristol Community
Horological Community
Museum Membership
Local Government
State Government
National Government
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