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1. Reader Survey 04/2006

1. How did you find out about this Weblog initially?
2. Do you work in the financial services industry (i.e. Private Equity, Venture Capital, etc)?
3. Please tell us the position you work in:
4. What topics would you like to read more about? Check as many as you wish:
5. What is your age?
6. Please tell us your gender:
7. Where are you from? Enter the country as well please:
8. How often do you visit one of the Business Weblogs?
9. Which blogs do you visit most frequently? Check as many as you wish:
10. Do you subscribe to any of our RSS feeds?
11. Would you like to see more pictures on our Weblogs?
12. How satisfied are you with the length of our articles?
13. What can we improve at the Business Weblogs?
14. What other topics would you like to read about in our network?
15. Are you interested in getting news about the network regularly? Please subscribe to our newsletter:
16. To attend the contest, we still need the following information from you:
Thank you very much for completing this survey. We will keep our fingers crossed, that you are one of the happy winners!
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