Service Evaluation

1. How would you rate the overall spiritual effectiveness of today's service?
2. Were there any elements or transitions that especially connected with you or allowed you to focus on God and/or the message? Please explain
3. How would you rate the preparation of the speaker today?
4. How relevant was the message to your life?
5. Were there any technical elements that you found distracted you from focusing on God or the message?
6. What supporting elements were most helpful in enabling the message to connect with you?
7. Did the worship compliment the overall theme/big idea for the morning? Please explain.
8. Can you offer any further feedback on your overall worship experience for this Sunday?
9. Was there anything in today's service that made you uncomfortable? If so, please explain.
10. Based on today's service, would you invite someone next week? Yes / No? If no, please explain.
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