Web Surfing Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your input is valued and much appreciated.

All information collected in this survey will be strictly confidential.
1. How many years have you been using the Internet?
2. What is your primary web browser?
3. How many hours per day do you spend using the Internet?
4. Which activities do you use the web for? (Check all that apply)
5. What is your most frequented website?
6. On average, how many days per week do you read some form of PRINTED news media?
7. On those days that you do read some form of PRINTED news media, how many hours do you spend reading PRINTED news?
8. How many different websites do you frequent for news and/or frequently updated content? (number of websites per day)
9. How many hours do you spend reading news and/or frequently updated content online per day?
10. What news sources do you look at most often?
11. Which sections of the news do you most frequently read? (select all that apply)
12. How frequently do you do the following things online?
Never heard of itHave heard of, but don't useMore than once a yearMore than 3 times a yearMore than once a monthMore than once a weekMore than 3 times a weekDaily
Read blogs
Read discussion boards
Read news
Access multimedia content
Read RSS feeds
13. On an average day of use, how many hours do you spend (fill in only the ones that apply)...
less than half an hour.5 - 1.51.5 - 33 - 5more than 5
Reading blogs
Reading discussion boards
Reading news
Accessing multimedia content
Reading RSS feeds
14. Do you currently publish a blog (online journal)?
15. Do you currently use an RSS Aggregator?
16. If Yes, Which RSS Aggregator(s) do you currently use?
17. Do you currently use RSS search?
18. How many RSS feeds do you subscribe to?
19. How much would you value an online news-service with article selection custom tailored to you interests?
(1-Low Value, 5-Indifferent, 10-Highly valued)
20. How comfortable would you be with anonymous statistical reporting of your reading habits if such reporting would dramatically enhance the relevance of the information you receive?

(1-not comfortable, 5-indifferent, 10-Very Comfortable)
21. What would you like or dislike about an application that would keep you up to date on information relevant to you?
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