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Please complete the entire survey so that we may better serve you.
1. When you visit Hemmings.com, would you consider yourself a
2. In general, how often do you visit Hemmings.com
3. Overall, how would you rate Hemmings.com
4. What do you like about Hemmings.com?
5. What do you dislike about Hemmings.com?
6. What improvements would you like to see on Hemmings.com?
7. What kind of connection do you have to the internet?
8. Please rate the following features on Hemmings.com
Very satisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNot satisfiedHave not tried
Ease of searching for cars and parts for sale
Ease of placing an ad for a car or part
Editorial Content
Event Listings
Sharing photos or stories of your rides with others
9. Do you currently subscribe to a Hemmings Publication. (Receive monthly copies in the mail)
YesNoHave in the pastNever a subscriber
Hemmings Motor News
Hemmings Muscle Machines
Hemmings Classic Car
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car
10. Rate by level of preference how you prefer to purchase collector cars or parts
Highly preferredPreferredSomewhat preferredNot preferred
Swap meet or event
Live Auctions
Magazine print classified listings
Website classified listings
Website auctions
Newspaper print classified listings
11. Have you purchased a collector car or part from one of these websites in the past year?
12. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the following websites.
Very satisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNot satisfiedHave no opinion
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