Travel Agent Questionnaire

1. General Information

Thanks for letting us know about your Travel Agent information. This information will appear on our dedicated Travel Agent website.
1. What is your spa/property name
2. Please enter commission offered to travel agents (REQUIRED)
3. If you offer special commissions for group bookings please enter the details below.
4. Please list any added values (e.g. room upgrades, free robe or bottle of wine, etc.) offered to Spa Finder customers.
5. If you listed any Added Values in the question above, please let us when these offers are valid.
6. If applicable, please list your Travel Agent Rate or FAM Trip Specials offered.
7. When are the Travel Agent Rates or FAM Trip Specials entered above valid?
8. What is your property's cancellation policy? (REQUIRED)
9. Who should Spa Finder contact for more information? (Please note: This information will not appear on our website, it will be used for internal follow-up if needed).
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