Farming on the Edge: The Next Generation

Thank you for joining us at AFT's Farming on the Edge conference in Newark, Delaware. Your feedback is important to us and will help us improve our next conference. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. We truly appreciate your thoughts and comments.
1. We’d like to know who attends the Farming on the Edge conference. Please check the categories below that best describe you. You can check more than one if they apply.
2. How did you learn about Farming on the Edge: The Next Generation. Please choose one:
3. How well did you like the conference facilities?
1 - Terrible2 - Okay3 - Terrific
Conference Rooms
Conference Site
4. Please rate the value of these conference events:
0 - Did not attend1 - Not valuable at all2 - Somewhat valuable3 - Valuable4 - Extremely Valuable
“History, Highways and Horses” Bus Tour, Sunday, November 12
“Brandywine Country: Art and Agriculture” Bus Tour, Monday, November 13
Keynote Address, Monday, November 13 – Gary Hirshberg
Opening Reception, Monday, November 13
Mobile Workshop, Tuesday, November 14
Keynote Address, Tuesday, November 14 – Ralph Grossi
Let’s Get Fresh! Dinner, Tuesday, November 14
Keynote Address, Wednesday, November 15 – Michael Ableman
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