Survey for the Economic Success of Women and Families in Tennessee

1. Introduction

You have an opportunity to shape the economic development for women in your local community and in the region. We want to know what you observe and experience as barriers to the economic success of women. Our goal is to hear issues regarding women from across the age span, women who live alone as well as those who have families and from women of varying socio-economic levels who for whatever reasons are at risk for financial difficulties. The hope is to influence the quality of life for women today in order to bring hope for our young girls or the women of tomorrow.
1. My county of residence is....
2. I learned about this survey
3. Both women and men are expected to graduate from high school or get a GED.
4. Both women and men are expected to continue their education after high school.
5. Job opportunities are available for women who want to work outside the home.
6. Salaries for women are about the same as salaries for men.
7. Childcare is available for women who work.
8. The cost of childcare is reasonable.
9. The greatest problem for women who NEED a job is...
10. The greatest problem for women who HAVE a job is...
11. The burden of family responsibilities and childcare falls equally to women and to men.
12. Companies support women and men equally in terms of work schedules, vacation time, and sick-leave.
13. If I have a sick child at home, I have support so that I can continue to work.
14. If I have car problems, I can get to work.
15. My greatest concern about working outside the home is...
16. I know how to plan and live on a budget.
17. I have planned so that I will be financially secure when it comes time to retire.
18. My greatest money worry is...
19. The greatest stress in my daily life is caused by...
20. Domestic violence is a problem in my community.
21. There is help in my communityfor victims of domestic violence.
22. I am confident elected officials understand and are working to improve my needs.
23. My family has adequate health care coverage.
24. I am teaching my children how to eat appropriately and to have healthy habits.
25. Gender
26. Age
27. My Marital Status is
28. Number of children
29. My annual salary is
30. I am a student
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