Family Survey on Child Care

1. Introduction

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. Your input will assist the Child Care Planning Council of Yuba & Sutter Counties in getting a better picture of families' needs for early education and care in their community. All answers will be kept confidential. Please complete only one survey per family.
Please Note: The term "early education and care" is meant to include all types of care for your children, including: family child care, center-based care, Head Start, preschool, nursery school, public school, kindergarten, school-age care, babysitters, relative care, nannies and parental care.
1. Please indicate your Town of Residence
2. Please indicate your Zip Code
3. What describes your family? Please check all that apply.
4. Please indicate the ages (in years) of the children who live with you.
5. What language(s) are spoken in your home? (Please check all that apply.)
6. What types of care do you currently have for your children? (Please answer for only your youngest four children)
Child #1Child #2Child #3Child #4
Parent/Guardian at home with child(ren)
Family member, grandparent, neighbor or friend in your home
Family child care/Home-based care in the caregivers' home
Private Child Care Center/Preschool
Head Start/Early Head Start
State Preschool/Children's Center (Operated by School District)
After-school program
7. Do you have a child with a disability?
8. If you have a child with a disability, have you had difficulty finding care for your child?
9. In the past 12 months, what were your three biggest problems in finding or using child care/preschool? (Please check all that apply)
10. About how much do you spend on child care each week?
11. Are you getting help paying for your child care?
12. If you are getting help to pay for your child care, what type of help are you getting?
13. How many times during the past 12 months did your child care arrangements change?
14. Please provide us with any other comments you have on this subject of the need for child care.
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