Questionnaire for the new journal, Numeracy

Untitled Document The National Numeracy Network (NNN), a non-profit corporation to promote quantitative literacy, will launch the Open Access, peer-reviewed online journal Numeracy in early 2008.

The NNN envisions a society in which all citizens possess the power and habit of mind to search out quantitative information, critique it, reflect upon it, and apply it in their public, personal and professional lives. To support this vision, Numeracy will promote education that integrates quantitative skills across all disciplines and at all levels. The journal will seek evidence-based articles on teaching strategies and resources, education research, curriculum design, assessment strategies, and faculty development. It will welcome contributions that make use of the electronic nature of the journal, including links to applets, data sources, images, and other digital resources.

By completing this survey you will help us to shape Numeracy to serve you effectively.

Dorothy Wallace and Len Vacher (editors)

For each of the following, does your institution have:
yesnodon't know
1. A QL/QR program?
2. A QL/QR requirement?
3. A QL/QR center?
How interested in each of the following types of articles are you?
not interestedminimally interestedneutralsomewhat interestedvery interested
1. Research article
2. Review of research
3. Industry applications
4. Classroom practice
5. Assessment strategies
6. Curriculum development
7. Faculty development
8. Administrative policy issues
9. Public policy issues
10. Book reviews
11. Reviews of educational materials
Please list other types of articles not listed above that you would be interested in reading in Numeracy.
How would you classify yourself (e.g., faculty, administrator, center director, etc.)?
How would you classify your discipline (e.g., mathematics, biological science, social science, humanities)?
How would you classify your institution?
If you are interested in receiving an email notification when the first and subsequent issues of Numeracy are published, please give us your email address. (This email will be used only to contact you two times per year when a new issue of Numeracy has been published online).
If you would like to be added to the distribution list of the National Numeracy Network Newsletter, please provide your email address.
Is your institution a member of the National Numeracy Network?
Do you have any other comments?
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