Premarital/Preunion Counseling Survey

1. Consent Form


Please read below with care. You can ask questions by e-mail at any time, now or later. You can talk to other people before you fill in this form.

Study's Title: Premarital & Preunion Counseling: An Exploratory Study of Population Characteristics and Counseling Needs

Why is this study being done? This study is being done to gather information about individuals who are planning to get married/partnered and also GLBT individuals who may not be contemplating marriage/life partnering. Specifically, the researchers want to find out how confident premarital/preunion individuals are about their relationships, what their attitudes about marriage are, what kind of information they get from others about marriage, and what issues all participants believe are important to cover in premarital/preunion counseling. Finally, the researchers want to examine the holistic wellness of individuals planning to get married/partnered as well as GLBT individuals not planning on marriage/partnering in the immediate future. The researchers will use this information to help counselors better serve the needs of premarital and preunion couples.

What will happen while you are in the study? After you review and sign this consent form, you will be asked to complete several surveys online. These surveys will ask about your holistic wellness, confidence in your romantic relationship, marital attitudes, and what information you get from others about marriage. When you complete the surveys, you will be asked to submit your responses online. You also will be asked about your willingness to participate in a separate future study which will involve telephone interviews about premarital counseling. You do NOT have to agree to participate in the follow-up study.

Time: This study will take about 30 minutes to complete online.

Risks: The risks involved with this study are minimal; however the following should be considered: 1) Surveys could cause participants to consider/examine areas of their lives they haven't looked at before (might be confusing or upsetting); 2) Surveys could cause participants to consider/examine their partner in ways they haven't before (might be confusing or upsetting)--This could potentially have a negative impact on a couple; and 3) Revealing sexual orientation in demographic data could potentially have a negative impact on employment/personal relationships for participant if others learn of this information. However, all demographic information (including sexual orientation) will be separated from your name and any additional identifying information collected to ensure no outside parties have access to it. You are free to decline participation in this study if you feel the risks are too great.

Benefits: By participating in this project, you will have an opportunity to assess your personal wellness and additional aspects of your behavior that are related to wellness. If requested, you will be provided information to help change behaviors to improve their overall well-being and wellness. In addition, you may benefit from this study by winning a raffle drawing for an gift certificate.

Who will know that you are in this study? Your privacy will be protected because you will not be identified by name as a participant in this project. We will keep who you are confidential according to the law. Your scores will be maintained in a database with all personal identifying information removed. Scores will be examined only as a whole, and no individual scores will be reported for any reason to any audience. Your responses will be securely stored and destroyed in the future in keeping with Montclair State University policies.

Do you have to be in the study?

You do not have to be in this study. You are a volunteer! It is okay if you want to stop at any time and not be in the study. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer. Nothing will happen to you.

Do you have any questions about this study? Phone or email the Principal Investigator:

Dr. W. Matthew Shurts; (973)655-7190;

Do you have any questions about your rights? Phone or email the IRB Interim Chair, Tim Kirby (, 973-655-7534) or the IRB Administrator, Fitzgerald Edwards (, 973-655-7781).

Please print this page to have a copy of the consent form for your records.

If you choose to be in this study, please fill in the information below and select "Yes" in response to Question 3 and then type your name as your electronic signature.
1. It is okay to use my data in other studies:
2. I would like to get a summary of this study:
3. Do you voluntarily agree to be a participant in this study?
4. Please type your name below as your electronic signature (your name will be separated from all demographic and potentially identifying information):
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