Survey on STEM Initiatives

1. STEM Survey

1. Please provide input on ways you think USI and/or K-12 schools can assist in developing southwestern Indiana into a STEM leader:
2. What type of STEM professional development opportunities would you like to see occur (be specific)?
3. Would you be interested in conducting research with USI faculty? If so, in what area?
4. Would your students be interested in participating in research opportunities at USI?
5. Do you think it is possible to more closely align high schools and college STEM curricula to help prevent such high attrition? Why or why not?
6. Would you like to participate in a summer workshop with other teachers that will seek to outline "best practices" in teaching STEM subject material?
7. Do you think high school students interested in the STEM areas would like to participate in a summer STEM academy?
8. Optional: Please provide your name and contact information (including email) so you can be updated on new initiatives/programs
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