Application For Copywriting Position

1. What is your full name, phone number, and email address?
2. Please describe your learning ability. Describe a complex
situation which you had to learn a lot, quickly. How did you
go about learning, and how successful were the outcomes?
3. Please describe your problem analysis skills. Do people
generally regard you as one who diligently pursues every
detail or do you tend to be more broad brush? Why?
4. Are you more comfortable dealing with concrete, tangible,
short-term issues, or more abstract, conceptual, long term
issues? Please explain.
5. How creative are you? What are the best examples of your
creativity in process, systems, methods, products, structure
or services? Do you consider yourself a better visionary or
implementer and why?
6. Describe your reading habits (books and articles on global
factors, general business, functional specialty, industry).
7. Looking back in your career, what were your most and least
successful jobs?
8. Describe a situation or two in which the pressures to
compromise your integrity were the strongest you have ever
felt. What are a couple of the most courageous actions or
unpopular stands you have ever taken?
9. What actions would you take in the first weeks, should you
join our organization?
10. Are you better at initiating a lot of things or hammering out
results for fewer things? (Get specifics.)
11. How well organized are you? What do you do to be organized
and what, if anything, do you feel you ought to do to be
better organized?
12. When was the last time you missed a significant deadline?
13. Are you better at juggling a number of priorities or projects
simultaneously, or attacking few projects, one at a time?
14. Everyone procrastinates at times. What are the kinds of
things that you procrastinate on?
15. How much supervision do you want or need?
16. What sort of mood swings do you experience - how high are
the highs, how low are the lows, and why? What do you do
to alleviate stress?
17. If you are familiar with the term active listening, how would
you define it? What would coworkers say regarding how
often and how effectively you use active listening?
18. If you were to arrange confidential reference calls with some
of your major clients/customers, what is best guess as to
what they would generally agree are you strengths and
areas for improvement?
19. Give examples of your going beyond what was normally
expected to enhance yoru company's reputation or image.
20. When there is a difference of opinion, do you tend to confront
people directly or indirectly, or tend to let the situation
resolve itself?
21. How many hours per week have you worked, on average,
during the past year? What motivates you?
22. Who have been recent career influences and why?
23. Please provide any links to sales copy or business and
marketing articles/content that you've written that is
currently online:
24. How long have you studied business and Internet marketing?
Do you own any websites? If so, please provide them...
Also, what books, courses or personalities did you learn from?
25. Please provide links to your top three favorite Internet
Marketing, Marketing or General Business websites:
26. Please provide your salary requirements:
27. Would you be willing to relocate to south Florida?
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