The Southern African Regional University Association (SARUA) in 2010 initiated a Programme for Climate Chance Capacity Development (PCCCD) and in 2014 published the results of a mapping study of regional priorities and university responses to climate change (available at

In 2015, SARUA commenced with the establishment of up to four collaborative networks in the SADC region, of which the first is the SARUA Curriculum Innovation Network (SCIN).

The SCIN has launched a first project whereby a regional consortium of universities is developing a Master’s curriculum and courseware in climate change and sustainable development, to be made available to participating SADC universities to customise and incorporate in their teaching programmes.

The vision of the SCIN is to establish a thriving network of scientists, academics and policy makers who share information and knowledge and who collaborate to bring innovation into university curricula.

Participation in the SCIN is open to participating universities, external stakeholders (e.g. government, private sector and international universities) and individuals who wish to share in the information exchange and contribute expertise.

To participate in the SCIN, please complete this online registration form. Information collected will only be used to communicate with network members.

Please direct any questions or comments to the SCIN Coordinator at