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The goal of the Homes for a Lifetime Video Project is to provide information to help older adults live independently through simple, cost-effective home modifications.

The project is a partnership between the Dakota County Communities for a Lifetime Initiative, Access Solutions, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, and the City of Burnsville.

* 1. The video included useful information.

* 2. I learned new things from the video.

* 3. The video was easy to understand.

* 4. The video included practical tips.

* 5. The video motivated me to make changes in my home.

* 6. As a result of watching the video I plan to make the following changes in my home:

(Check the modifications you think you will apply to your home.)

* 7. How did you hear about the Homes for a Lifetime video or receive the DVD?

* 8. Please share any additional comments. Thanks!

* 9. Dakota County Communities for a Lifetime Initiative and Access Solutions would like to contact you in 2-3 months to find out if you made changes in your home.

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Thanks for watching the video and providing feedback. We really appreciate it!