The City of Fayetteville designed this survey to increase the Communication & Community Outreach Division's awareness of neighborhood associations so that information can be updated and to help develop community engagement.

* 1. Are you a part of a Neighborhood Association, Property Owners Association, or Home Owners Association?

* 2. If not involved with an association, why?

* 3. How many households are members of this association?

* 4. How often does the association meet?

* 5. What percentage of members attend meetings/events?

* 6. What ward are you in? Link to the ward map:

* 7. What streets are the boundaries of the association?

* 8. What role do you play in the association? Please choose all that apply.

* 9. What is the purpose of the association? Examples: For meeting and gathering with neighbors, to discuss local issues that concern the neighborhood, etc.

* 10. How do the members of your association communicate with each other? Examples: telephone, listserv, Facebook group, email, website/blog, newsletter.

* 11. Does your association communicate with other associations? Please explain.

* 12. What is the process for new neighbors to join your association? Please explain.

* 13. Is there a website that the public can visit to gain more information?

* 14. What is the website's address?

* 15. How often is the website updated? Please explain.

* 16. Do you feel connected to your neighbors and your community?

* 17. How do you think the City of Fayetteville can help associations and residents?