Please use this form to nominate a person or group for the Oregon Health Authority Director's Excellence Awards. Please describe their hard work, innovative efforts and how they demonstrated at least one of our core values during the first quarter from January through March 2015. Awards may go to OHA employees at any level.

* 1. Please provide us with some information about you.

* 2. Please tell us more information about the person you are nominating for an OHA Director's Excellence Award. This person or group should exemplify at least one of the OHA Core Values.

* 3. Which core value(s) does this person or group exemplify?

* 4. Please explain what this person or group has done to demonstrate the selected core value(s).

* 5. Tell us more: Was there a project or particular action that this person or group was involved in that stands out as exemplifying a core value?

* 6. Why is their achievement important? Who does their achievement affect?

* 7. How does this person or group's achievements align with OHA's goals of better health, better care and lower costs?

* 8. What is it like to work with this person or group?

* 9. Is there other information about this person or team that you would like to add?