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Dear Participant:

My name is Dasmain Joseph, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Doctor of Education student in Counselor Education and Supervision at Argosy University-Tampa. To protect the rights and welfare of every participant, Argosy's Institutional Review Board has approved this study: “The perceived effectiveness of PREPARE-Enrich, RELATE, and FOCCUS: A comparative study of three assessment-based premarital counseling programs.” Consequently, I am investigating the perceived effectiveness of assessment-based premarital counseling type with marital satisfaction.

I will be asking you to answer some basic demographic questions about yourself and to complete the Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale or RDAS (a marital satisfaction scale) which would take 10-15 minutes.

Your participation is strictly voluntary, thus you can withdraw from the study without any penalty. Your information will be held with the strictest confidentiality, security, and anonymity. Your electronic information will be stored securely on SurveyMonkey and on my encrypted, password-protected laptop, which is accessible only by me. The results of the research will be reported as anonymous summary data only in compliance with Argosy University’s proper protocols. You are strongly encouraged to take the survey behind closed doors in a comfortable, quiet, and private area to optimize your confidentiality and privacy.

The benefits of participating in this study include: 1) your opportunity to complete the RDAS free of charge, 2) discover specific areas of strengths and improvements in your marriage, 3) Resources to improve your marriage, 4) contribute in informing other professionals about the effectiveness of assessment-based premarital counseling.

You can review the results of this research and report any concerns to me or my chairperson:
Dasmain Joseph, Principal Researcher, 813-995-7415, dasmain@yahoo.com
Dr. Shon D. Smith, Dissertation Chair, 941-554-1566, shosmith@argosy.edu

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