CORE - Community OUTreach Educators - is the LGBT Resource Center's peer education program. CORE members are trained to educate others regarding sexual orientation and gender identity; raise awareness of the LGBT and allies community; and represent the LGBT Resource Center.

This application is required to become a CORE member. Students of all sexual orientations & gender identities may apply.

After completing required trainings, CORE members may speak on panels, outreach to the UCR campus, and support educational programs. We also bring together CORE members for special events, celebrations, and other community-building activities.

Your first step to becoming a CORE member is to complete this application. We are accepting applications from now until October 18, 2017.

All applicants are required to attend the CORE Retreat on October 22nd, 10am - 4pm on campus. If work or other obligations prevent you from attending the Retreat, you must attend a separate training before becoming an active CORE member.

You do not need any prior experience speaking on panels or otherwise reaching out or educating. Also, you are not required to speak on panels until you feel ready.

If you have any questions, please contact LGBT Resource Center staff:
Megan Rush,

* 1. Preferred Name for name tag:

* 2. Full Name, First and Last (as it appears on your student ID)

* 3. What is your Student ID Number?:

* 4. E-mail Address:

* 5. Please re-enter your email address (do not copy and paste)

* 6. Cell Phone Number:

* 7. Please indicate your student status:

* 8. What is your major or graduate program?

* 9. Are you able to drive yourself to off-campus activities?

* 10. Why do you wish to become a CORE member?

* 11. Which activities are you interested in doing as a CORE member?

* 12. How would you rate your level of knowledge and comfort talking about the following topics?

  no knowledge some knowledge knowledgeable very knowledgeable
LGBTQ terminology
coming out to family
queer history
gender identity / transgender issues
queer people of color
LGBT youth & bullying
marriage equality
being an ally to LGB people
being an ally to trans people
being an ally to people of color
being an ally to the undocumented community 

* 13. If you feel you are knowledgeable about a topic not mentioned above, or a specific religion or ethnic/racial community, then please explain:

* 14. During panels, students introduce themselves with a "personal vignette." This vignette includes information on your status as a student (year, major, organizations you are involved in), how you identify your sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, other identities that may be important to you (faith, ethnicity/race), and any hobbies or interests. The purpose of the vignette is to make a personal connection with the audience and to give them enough information to spark follow-up questions.

A sample vignette: "Hi, my name is Buffy. I am a first-year and undeclared. I identify as a pansexual woman. I grew up in Sunnydale, California. I grew up Unitarian. I am active in the martial arts club, and the Blood Orange Info Shop in downtown Riverside. In my free time, I slay vampires. I also enjoy saving the world. A lot."

Please write below a personal vignette for yourself that you might share on a panel.

* 15. What is your T-Shirt size?

* 16. Please describe your meal preference:

* 17. Do you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the CORE program?

* 18. PLEASE NOTE: You will be receiving an email with a link to RSVP for the required CORE Retreat on Sunday, October 22, 10am to 4:00pm on campus. If you are unable to attend the Retreat, you must attend a separate training to become an active CORE member.