Student Class Survey

Please indicate your response to each of the following questions.

* 1. The course provided the skills that I was looking for

* 2. The course material was presented in a comprehensive manner

* 3. The course classroom environment was inviting

* 4. Given more time, what other elements would you like to see presented in this course?
Please indicate N/A if you do not wish to comment.

* 5. I would recommend my friends or other people to take this course

* 6. Based on my knowledge of the course material, the instructor seemed knowledgeable of the subject

* 7. The instructor presented the material in an understandable fashion

* 8. The subject material presented was just right for the time given during this course

* 9. The instructor was approachable and understanding to my learning style

* 10. If the opportunity presented itself, I would take another course under this instructor's teaching and would recommend this instructor to my friends