This is the Sorensen Fellowship 2017 final application. The deadline is Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 5pm.


In order to be eligible for this Fellowship, we will be checking conduct records. The presence of a record will not automatically eliminate you from the process, but please be prepared to address any concerns in your application and/or interview.

This online application is Part 1 of your full application packet. You will still need to submit the balance of the full packet of information in person to the Ethics Center by Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 5pm. Application pieces received by email or after the deadline will not be opened. (You may submit hard copy materials via email only if you are abroad for the fall 2016 semester.) Questions? Call 781-736-8577 or email

The questions we ask here are:

A) Your Biographical Data

B) Proposed Course for Spring 2017

C) Recommenders

D) Internship Organization Data
This section tells us about your 3 possible organizations. You will need to know specific information (address, website, phone, email) but you need not contact any of the organizations before you are accepted as a Fellow. List your top choice organization first, but remember that you must apply with three equally viable organizations in mind for which you are qualified.

E) Essay
Please answer in 1000-1750 words. Copy and paste your essay from a word processing program. In addition, include among your hard-copy materials a single-sided printout of your essay from your word processing program, double-spaced and paper-clipped (NO STAPLES). IF YOU SUBMIT ANY OF YOUR HARD-COPY MATERIALS DOUBLE-SIDED OR STAPLED, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO GO BACK AND FIX THE MATERIALS BY THE 5PM DEADLINE. APPLICANTS WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE ETHICS CENTER'S COMPUTERS OR COPY MACHINE.

F) Summer Earnings Replacement Grant
Please let us know whether you are applying for a Summer Earnings Replacement Grant to supplement the $4000 award ($3500 for domestic internships). This will not affect your application, which will continue to be need-blind.

G) Schedule Availability
Up to twelve finalists will be selected for an interview. Interviews will be conducted only during the indicated times. You must also commit to being available, either in person or virtually, for the indicated spring preparation meetings and agree to meet the deadlines for confirming your internship.