* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you with your Y membership?

* 2. How likely is it that you would recommend Y membership to a friend, relative, or colleague?

* 3. All things considered, do you think you will renew your Y membership when it comes up for renewal?


* 4. What are your main reasons for being a Y Member? (Choose all that apply)

* 5. Which single statement below best describes the orientation and support you have received at the Y for your exercise program? (choose one)

Your Personal Health Journey
Please review the list of possible personal health improvements below and indicate your level of agreement with each statement. For the outcomes that don't apply you can skip that item or check "not applicable"

As a result of participating at my YMCA, I have...

* 6. Become more active in other areas, such as playing with my children/grandchildren, participating in sports, walking, etc.

* 7. Maintained or increased my overall physical strength, to be able to lift heavy objects or exert my muscles in day to day life

* 8. Maintained or increased my overall cardiovascular condition, to be able to exert myself in day to day tasks such as climbing stairs without getting winded, etc.

* 9. Controlled or reduced the amount of joint or back pain I experience in my day to day life

* 10. Become better able to manage an existing chronic health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or arthritis

* 11. Comments on your personal health journey

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