* 1. Have you or your spouse (if applicable) ever attended the EFMP Orientation?

* 2. Are you satisfied with the services you received from the ACS EFMP?

* 3. Have you or your spouse attended an ACS EFMP support group, recreational program or cultural program?

* 4. When registering for childcare with Child Youth and School Services (CYSS), have you utilized the Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP)?

* 5. Is your Exceptional Family Member (EFM) currently receiving EFMP respite care?

* 6. Has your Family utilized services with an EFMP Systems Navigator?

* 7. Has your Family obtained services with the EFMP Advocate?

* 8. Have you or anyone in your Family attended any of the ACS EFMP sponsored trainings?

* 9. EFMP would like to assist you with developing solutions to individual and community EFM issues and concerns! Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback below:

* 10. If you would like to be contacted by a Fort Hood Army Community Service EFMP employee about your questions or concerns, please leave your contact information in the comment box.

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