Thank you for taking a moment to fill out this survey. I am collecting data and information that will help me do my job better so you can do your job better.

I am dedicated in my practice to support health & wellness practitioners in their mission to serve their clients in a profound way! At the core of this is the ability of the coach, themselves to nurture and love themselves.

While your personal information is optional, we would welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you as we learn more and want to share more with coaches who really understand that self-care is at the core of their success!

Looking forward to going Quantum with you!

Warmly- Marilena

* 1. How do you define self care?

* 2. What types of self care challenge you the most?

* 3. How consistent are you with self care?

* 4. What impacts your ability to be consistent with self care?

* 5. Self- Care Consistency for me is mostly impacted by:

* 6. What kind of support would be most helpful to you?

* 7. What areas of self care are you interested in improving?

* 8. In what ways do you notice your self care impacts your coaching?

* 9. Is there something else you would like to tell me about this subject?

* 10. Are you a Wellness/Health Coach or other professional?

* 11. Would you be interested in participating in additional surveys for this Soul-Centered Self-Care?

* 12. If so, please give us the best way to contact you: