* 1. How many times a week do you purchase lunch?

* 2. How many times per week do you purchase breakfast?

* 3. Please rate your cafeteria on the following:

  Outstanding Good Satisfactory Fair Needs Improvement
The Quality of Food Served
Speed of Service (the time it takes to get served)
The Variety of Foods Offered
The Friendliness of Food Service Staff
The Responsiveness of Food Service Staff (how well the staff addresses any concerns or ideas you may have)

* 4. Overall, how satisfied are you with the lunch program?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Not Satisfied
I am

* 5. Please rank the following issues in order of how important they are to you

  Most important to me Kind of important to me Not that important to me Not important at all
Having healthy food choices in the cafeteria
Having cafe foods prepared with locally grown foods
A recycling program for students to use in the cafeteria
A composting program for students to use in the cafeteria
Green Initiatives - Programs like biodegradeable plastic products, or paper products make from 100% recycled materials

* 6. Please rate the stations in your cafe from your most favorite to your least favorite

  Favorite Second Favorite Third Favorite Fourth Favorite Least Favorite We Don't Have That!
Signature Cafe (Entrees)
Cafe Express (Chicken Burgers, Daily Specials)
Market Fresh (Salads & Yogurt Parfaits)

* 7. If you would like to, please enter any comments you have about your school lunch program here. (500 characters max)