The following questions will help you to determine if you are ready for online learning.

* 1. Please enter your name and contact information

* 2. I have access to a computer and a good Internet connection at home.

You will need access to a computer and a high speed Internet connection.

* 3. My computer connects to the Internet via

Dialup access can be a problem. A highspeed Internet connection is needed to download certain audio or video files and to access Skype.

* 4. My computer has a CD or DVD player

Some programs require you to install software via CD or DVD, or to playback audio or video files from a CD or DVD

* 5. My computer is equipped with speakers, a microphone and a camera.

Hawthorn University students will access audio lectures, live and archived webinars and can connect with administration and faculty members via Skype.

* 6. My computer runs on

While some earlier versions of operating systems will allow you to access your coursework, most materials are being optimized for these systems.

* 7. I have a copy of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or another word processing program that will save or convert documents to a PDF.

You will need a word processing program and the ability to convert files to PDF format to submit written assignments.

* 8. I would rate my computer skills as

You will need to be able to navigate around your computer, be able to download a file and save to a chosen folder and enable pop-ups for the website. Links to Silverlight and other required software are provided. Email is a primary means by which we communicate. You don't need to be an expert, but you should be comfortable with basic Internet skills.

* 9. I am able to learn new technical skills.

* 10. I can use a word processor, copy and paste text and images

You will be writing papers, so this is a necessary skill to learn. Having a printer can also be useful if you want to print out instructions for offline use.

* 11. I enjoy being part of a forum or message board discussion.

We make extensive use of message boards and where you are able to share knowledge with your peers and instructors. We also have a private Student and Alumni Group on LinkedIn. Distance learning is enhanced by frequent electronic dialog (via email and written responses to assignments) and message board interaction.
We like to consider our message boards as a close equivalent to discussion sessions in a traditional college. The advantage is that communication can occur at all hours of the day or night. Discussion participants can read a posting, and either reply right then, or think about a response and take some time to formulate one.
Online learning can be isolating, and sharing with others helps to mitigate the isolation and build community. When you respond to another learner, you add to their knowledge, and often grow your own.

* 12. I would enjoy being able to participate in a course according to my own schedule instead of needing to arrive in a class at a certain time.

Hawthorn University has no on-site residency requirements, so distance learning means that you can learn where and when you want, and when you want. Instead of going to a class at a specific time on a specific day, you are able to comfortably manage your time so that you can stay on track.

* 13. I am patient with myself when I try something new.

Sometimes new things can be frustrating. In order to grow as a student, it is important to be open to new experiences, and to be able to adapt accordingly.

* 14. I am able to analyze reading materials and synthesize what I have learned into an original paragraph or essay.

College and graduate level writing is generally different from creative writing and involves the ability to communicate effectively. This is a skill that we can help you develop as you progress through your program of studies. Being able to locate and read articles, books and other resources may be one of the best skills a distance student can acquire. Natural curiosity is a gift and is particularly useful for distance learners.

* 15. I am self-motivated when it comes to following through on a project. I work responsibly and can manage my time to complete assignments on or before they are due.

The most successful distance learners manage their time and stay ahead of deadlines.

* 16. I have the time to devote to a graduate class (9-15 hours per week for each class).

In order to stay on track, we estimate that you will need roughly 9-15 hours a week that you can set aside for reading, researching, and completing various practical exercises. Hawthorn faculty and staff are readily available to assist you should you face extraordinary circumstances in your life. Consider enrolling and "Learn More at Hawthorn" to enhance healthy and wellness in your personal and professional life.