This form is to be completed by previously hired and/or active staff in order to serve on Summer Staff. New Staff must complete a Staff Application and attend an interview before being hired & scheduled to work.

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* 1. Please update your contact information.

* 2. What is your preferred method for Reid to contact you?

* 3. Do you want to serve on summer staff?

* 4. In which role(s) do you want to work?

* 5. How many weeks of summer would you like to work?
(there are no guarantees you will be scheduled for the # of weeks you request, however every attempt will be made to match your interests with staffing needs)

* 6. Are there any dates you are NOT Available?

* 7. Would you like to participate in the camp praise band?
NOTE: You must make at least 2 practices in the month of June prior to Staff Training.

* 8. What are 2 personal goals you want to achieve this summer?

* 9. Do you know anyone that we can send a staff application to?

* 10. How can the full-time staff be praying for you and/or your family?