* 1. You are:

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. What's your relationship status?

* 4. Do you have student loan debt?

* 5. If yes, how much student loan debt did you graduate with?

* 6. How much do you pay each month?

* 7. Approximately how much have you paid off?

* 8. How long do you think it will take you to pay off your student loan debt?

* 9. In what area of your life have you had to make compromises to address your student loan debt?

* 10. When you took out your student loans, do you feel like you were adequately educated as to their terms?

* 11. When you think about your student loan situation, how do you feel?

* 12. If you're single, how has it affected your love life?

* 13. If you're attached, how has it affected your love life?

* 14. When do you disclose in a relationship that you have a lot of debt?

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