* 1. You are:

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Do you ever worry that you'll have trouble getting pregnant when you want to?

* 4. In the next decade infertility rates are…

* 5. Do you feel that increased coverage of fertility issues in the media is making you anxious?

* 6. At what age do you think women enter the fertility danger zone?

* 7. Does your biological clock affect the way you date?

* 8. How does your biological clock influence your relationships?

* 9. Does your worry about your fertility every prompted you to be careless with birth control?

* 10. Has your concern that you’ll miss your window of opportunity to have a child affected your plans for a demanding career or grad school?

* 11. Would you consider having a baby on your own, if you didn’t have the right partner at the right time?

* 12. Would you ever consider freezing your eggs?

* 13. What would drive you to freeze your eggs?

* 14. At what age should a woman freeze her eggs?

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