Instructions for Collecting Assessment Data for Student Learning Outcomes

During the semester you have assessed student achievement of the learning outcomes for your courses. The purpose of this survey is to collect those data from the assessment results. To complete this survey, you should have the following items at hand:
  • a copy of the student learning outcomes (SLOs) for your courses, as recorded on the official Course Outline of Record (COR) as approved by the Curriculum Committee. If you are unsure what the officially approved SLOs are, you should download a copy of the COR from CurricUNET. Search "active" courses at These SLOs should be included on your syllabi.
  • your gradebook
  • your familiarity with which SLOs are assessed by the exams and/or assignments in your gradebook
Each time you complete the survey, you can report assessment results for only one SLO at a time. You can include CRNs for any semester in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Please complete this survey with your SUMMER 2016, FALL 2016, and SPRING 2017 assessment results.

FAQ: How many SLOs do I have to report?

You should complete this survey for at least one SLO per course. Ideally, you are encouraged to repeat this survey for as many courses and SLOs that you have assessed, but this may not be a feasible task depending on your time constraints.  Please complete the minimum of one SLO per course.  If you can handle two SLOs per course, all the better.  And consider this, the more data you are able to input, the more data you will have when making plans and decisions about your courses and programs when it comes time for Program Review.

* 2. 4-digit course number

* 3. What is the 4-digit CRN for one class section?  Please complete this survey for only one CRN section at a time. (numbers in the 3000's for spring classes, 5000s for summer, 7000s for fall)