The Labor Standards Bureau conducts an annual survey of nonconstruction services occupations. We are asking you to assist us in establishing the standard prevailing rate of wages to be paid on Montana's public works projects involving public funding for:

      •  The maintenance of publicly owned buildings and facilities, including highways, roads, streets and alleys;
      •  Custodial or security services for publicly owned buildings and facilities;
      •  Grounds maintenance for publicly owned property;
      •  The operation of public drinking water supply, waste collection, and waste disposal systems;
      •  Law enforcement, including janitors and prison guards;
      •  Fire protection;
      •  Public or school transportation driving;
      •  Nursing, nurse’s aid services, and medical laboratory technician services;
      •  Material and mail handling;
      •  Food service and cooking;
      •  Motor vehicle and construction equipment repair and servicing; and,
      •  Appliance and office machine repair and servicing.