This summer, we are asking every family with children attending one of our YMCA day camps to fill out this short survey. If you have more than one child who has attended Y day camp, please provide your feedback based on their overall experience.
Each family need only complete this survey once. If you have already completed a survey, thank you.

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Overall Impressions

* 1. How did you hear about YMCA day camps?

* 2. Overall, how satisfied were you with your YMCA Day Camp this summer? (check one)

* 3. How likely are you to recommend YMCA Day Camp to a friend, relative or colleague? (check one)

* 4. All things considered, will you send your children to YMCA Day Camp next summer? (select one)

* 5. Thinking a bit more about your plans to send your children to YMCA Day Camp next summer, please use the box below to tell us: What is the single most important reason behind the answer you provided above?

* 6. What were your main reasons for choosing YMCA Day Camp this summer?

Your YMCA Day Camp Experience
How was your child(ren)'s YMCA day camp this summer? Please rank your satisfaction with each item below on a scale of one to ten. There is lots of space on the next page to write in your comments, stories and suggestions.

* 7. My child(ren) had fun at camp this year.

* 8. My child(ren) made new friends.

* 9. There were age-appropriate challenges for my child(ren) to face and my child(ren) were given the support they needed to be successful.

* 10. There were ample opportunities for my child(ren) to be physically active at camp.

* 11. My child(ren) learned new things about themselves and their abilities while they were at camp.

* 12. My child(ren) felt included in the camp community.

* 13. My child(ren) felt safe at YMCA Day Camp.

* 14. Camp staff were friendly, warm and responsive.

* 15. A wide variety of age-appropriate activities were planned for each day.

* 16. Facilities, equipment and supplies were appropriate for the day camp program.

* 17. The program delivered was consistent with what was described in the brochure and/or on the web site.

* 18. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about your YMCA Day Camp?

* 19. Are there any new programs or themes you would like to see offered in YMCA Day Camp? Please tell us.

The information here is collected to assist us with statistical analysis and identify trends. Your information will be used in aggregate only. All questions are optional.

* 21. Child(ren)'s age(s) (select all that apply to your family)

* 22. Child(ren)'s gender(s) (select all that apply to your family)

* 23. How many weeks did each child attend? (select all that apply to your family, for example if one child attended for two weeks and another child attended for four weeks, select both answers)

* 24. How long have you been sending your child(ren) to YMCA Day Camp?

* 25. Did your family receive financial assistance to send your child(ren) to YMCA Day Camp this summer?

* 26. Current family status

* 27. And finally, please tell us which day camps your child(ren) attended (Select all that apply)

This completes the survey. Thank you. Please click the Submit button below to ensure all your answers are recorded.