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* 1. How old are you?

* 2. What is your favorite part of being a Scout?

* 3. What is your 2nd favorite part of being a Scout?

* 4. What else (reasons not covered above) do like about scouting? (Please write your answer here.

* 5. Outside of scouting, what other activities take a lot of your time? (Please check the top 2.)

* 6. Because of scouting, a lot of Boy Scouts have a chance to spend time in the outdoors – (mountains, forest, beach, etc.) Is this…...

* 7. Some Scouts like scouting because they think it helps prepare them to be a better adult. Do you feel that way? Please tell us what you think. (Please write your answer here.)

* 8. In your opinion, what things about the scouting program could be better? (Please write your answer here.)

* 9. How many of your close friends are in the scouting program?

* 10. What would make more of your friends want to join? (Please write your answer here.)